About Us

Divine Treasures is committed to creating one-of-a-kind, hand-made Chocolates and Non-Dairy Cheeses using organic, local ingredients that are free of refined sweeteners, animal products and gluten. Through retail, wholesale and internet, we cater to the discriminating tastes of all chocolate aficionados including those who are vegan, diabetic, require a gluten-free diet and are otherwise conscious of consuming products that meet the standards of the highest quality. The foundation of our success is the commitment to using the best ingredients and the highest preparation standards.

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Chef Diane WagemannMeet Diane

I love chocolates! Sundays was the day that I would go to my memere’s — grandmother’s, house in Quebec to make all the wonderful chocolate treats for the church. Just imagine a little girl with unlimited chocolates — I was sure that memere’s house was heaven on earth. Chocolate and Love — what more does any little girl need?

I inherited her recipes and started converting them to meet my health standards of no refined sugar, no corn syrup and using only vegan/gluten-free ingredients. I started sharing my wonderful treats and everyone loved them. So, I took a leap of faith and started my Divine Treasures Chocolate Shop. What a life — I am surrounded by chocolates everyday — I am in heaven!