Why Not Dairy Free

Why Don't We Say Dairy Free, When Our Chocolates Are Vegan Safe?

By now we all know about food allergies and intolerances, and how prevalent they are. Whereas a mild food allergy or intolerance can be annoying, occasionally resulting in indigestion or other discomfort when ingesting just too much, a severe food allergy can be deadly. Literally. People with food challenges of any kind need to understand both the nature and the severity of their issue, and that is why we are careful with our promotion of our Chocolates. While our Chef adheres to the strict Vegan Lifestyle, we prefer to list ingredients rather than use generalizations to describe our confections.

Divine Treasures does not use Dairy products when we make our amazing chocolates, truffles, caramels and other confections. However, our fine Organic Dark European Chocolate is manufactured in a facility which also makes Milk Chocolate.  Those that suffer from severe allergies need to take responsibility for their challenges.  If you have a simple intolerance, and find no difficulty with other dark chocolate or even the occasional milk chocolate indulgence, then chances are our products are fine.

Divine Treasures: Vegan Safe, and thoughtfully created without using Nondiary ingredients.

For our complete Allergy statement, click here.